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Radio is a thing of beauty . . .

. . . a voice delivered freely and democratically to everyone within its broadcast range.  Knowing no race, religion, or skin color, radio flows in and out of our lives reminding us that we are all woven tightly together within this cosmic cloth -- all of us experiencing the same sounds though interpreting them through very different receivers.

WXOX is a community-run radio station built on diversity and inclusion.  Our DJs speak multiple languages and they come from a wide range of backgrounds.  We cherish the sounds and opinions that they bring to us from all over the world.  We are privileged to have a large international audience and we work hard to connect them with parts of our community that are not served by mainstream radio.

Bigotry has as little room in radio as it does in politics.  At ARTxFM we believe in the equality of all humans regardless of their culture, religion, romantic interests or physical attributes.  In fact, instead of resisting difference, we embrace it, seek it out, and enjoy the influence of diverse ideas.

As the media becomes increasingly negative and neighborhood politics polarize, we hope you will look to ARTxFM / WXOX 97.1 FM as a source of guidance, companionship, and inspiration.  We have an amazing crew of volunteer DJs that recognize the power of music and conversation to change the world.  We believe in our First Amendment rights and will not be afraid to speak our mind.  We will fight for the American institution of Free Press and will provide a voice to all kinds of individuals in these dark and unsettling times.  In the coming years we will not be intimidated by threats nor will we devolve into negativity.  Instead we will remain focused on providing artists and community members with access to the airwaves for free and creative use.  In so doing, we will wrap our audience in a broadcast that is truly compassionate and deeply inclusive.  In the wake of the recent US elections, ARTxFM remains committed to building bridges instead of walls within our community.  We hope you will join us.


Sharon Scott
Founder of ARTxFM / WXOX 97.1 FM


P.O. Box 5103
Louisville, Kentucky 40205


           Header photograph of Live Broadcast off the shores of Maine by Aaron Rosenblum of Radio Presque Rien

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